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Tributes pour in for a one-of-a-kind artist CNN 2018-08-16 17:45:12
Aretha Franklin passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer and was surrounded by loved ones CNN 17:24:30
Queen of soul Aretha Franklin is dead at 76 CNN 17:04:04
'The Queen of Soul' in photos CNN 16:17:02
Thousands of other bridges in Italy may be at risk of collapse, experts warn CNN 15:46:10
The Queen of Soul passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer and was surrounded by loved ones CNN 14:55:15
Aretha Franklin's pastor: She 'never left the church' CNN 14:55:08
7 things you should know about Aretha Franklin CNN 14:51:38
Aretha Franklin dead at 76 CNN 14:50:00
'Thousands of other bridges in Italy may be at risk' CNN 14:23:54


Judaism Fast Facts CNN 2018-08-16 17:00:04
Britain's top CEOs got 11% raises last year. Their workers? 2% CNN 08:00:04
Uber cuts its losses, and revenue soars 63% CNN 05:00:05
Qatar throws Turkey a lifeline as spat widens with US CNN 05:00:05
Corona owner makes $4 billion bet on cannabis CNN 05:00:05
UK CEO pay is up 11%. Worker pay is up 2% CNN 05:00:05
Goodbye, old iPhone: This could be 40X better CNN 03:00:05
Bitcoin up 30,000X -- here's your backdoor in CNN 03:00:05
$19.9 trillion idea hidden in plain sight CNN 03:00:05
CNN 03:00:05


Aretha Franklin and U.S. Presidents CNN 2018-08-16 14:51:55
Arrest made after more than 30 overdoses reported CNN 14:00:05
Woman pulled into police station during road rage CNN 14:00:05
Reporter details life in the Conway household CNN 13:57:44
In op-ed, Brennan says Trump revoked his security clearance to 'scare into silence' critics CNN 13:37:57
Clapper: Trump sending 'chilling' message CNN 12:44:03
6 things to know before the opening bell CNN 11:00:06
The Democratic wave is growing CNN 2018-08-15 23:41:09
Investigation into Trump Foundation donations CNN 23:31:09
The name Sarah Sanders doesn't want to say CNN 23:24:37


West Midlands Police officer charged over indecent child images BBC news 2018-08-15 22:56:59
Newspaper headlines: Danny Cipriani charged and Brits flee Genoa bridge BBC news 22:36:49
British Coal coke oven workers: Widow wins court battle BBC news 18:37:56
Sheffield Pride committee resigns after criticism BBC news 18:33:15
Jeremy Corbyn wreath row explained BBC news 17:59:37
Strictly Come Dancing: Graeme Swann joins line-up BBC news 17:43:04
England international Danny Cipriani charged with nightclub assault BBC news 17:25:51
Tory MPs complain over peer's Tunisia trip BBC news 17:02:38
Chickens run wild on Diss housing estate BBC news 16:56:56
Eight people injured by loose horse at Pembrokeshire Show BBC news 16:32:17



Uber narrows losses but growth slows BBC news 2018-08-15 21:12:55
Tesla 'to be probed by regulators' over privatisation plan BBC news 15:47:41
Financial Times boss returns £510,000 rise BBC news 14:49:00
No wrinkles as Superdrug offers Botox BBC news 13:21:20
Lira rallies after Turkey raises tariffs on US imports BBC news 11:33:25
UK inflation rate rises for first time since November BBC news 08:43:30
Turkey issues retaliatory tariffs on US imports BBC news 07:13:29
BBC World News business headlines BBC news 06:36:05
South Korea to ban some BMW vehicles over engine fires BBC news 03:33:42
Amazon's one-day delivery ad banned as 'misleading' BBC news 2018-08-14 23:16:59



Italy bridge: State of emergency follows Genoa disaster BBC news 2018-08-15 16:22:41
Italy bridge survivor BBC news 13:15:28
Reddit sleuth identifies car part leading to hit-and-run arrest BBC news 12:06:26
Reddit sleuth identifies car part, leading to hit-and-run arrest BBC news 12:06:26
Italy bridge: Grief and anger over collapse in Genoa BBC news 11:58:16
Poor hospital discharge process puts patients 'at risk' BBC news 10:16:26
How the humble cabbage can stop cancers BBC news 00:22:44
Italy bridge: Dozens feared dead in Genoa as motorway collapses BBC news 2018-08-14 18:46:45
Italy bridge: Genoa motorway collapse kills 35 BBC news 15:41:18
Italy bridge: Genoa motorway collapse kills 'about 30' BBC news 14:58:33


Golfer hits three holes-in-one on the same day CNN 2018-08-16 16:58:38
Europe's first saddle-making college course CNN 13:45:51
Carlos Sainz to replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren CNN 13:37:56
Golfer hits three hole in ones on the same day CNN 11:13:12
What next for wacky social media craze? CNN 08:01:35
Life after Ronaldo: Real humbled by Atletico CNN 06:34:12
Sleepless in Berlin: Asher-Smith kept awake by golden success CNN 2018-08-15 15:35:38
Ultra runner blazes a trail in 200km Alps challenge CNN 13:39:15
The reluctant feminist trailblazer CNN 10:53:17
TV audiences spike as Tiger fever takes hold CNN 10:28:33


Life after Ronaldo: Real humbled by Atletico CNN 2018-08-16 06:34:12
Life after Ronaldo: Real Madrid come up short in Super Cup thriller CNN 05:15:40
Ebenezer Cobb Morley: Google Doodle celebrates football's founding father CNN 04:37:08
COPA90: Mesut Ozil's masterclass CNN 2018-08-14 14:49:48
Tottenham delays stadium opening over safety concerns CNN 10:56:31
Arsenal sponsored by... Rwanda? CNN 2018-08-13 12:18:06
Steve McManaman: Liverpool now has squad depth CNN 09:13:29
It's magic! Santi Cazorla appears! CNN 2018-08-10 15:37:10
Villarreal gives Cazorla a magical welcome CNN 12:15:28
COPA90: Mo Salah's skill challenge CNN 11:26:33



Effects of psychedelic DMT 'similar to near-death experiences' BBC news 2018-08-15 07:39:48
How the humble cabbage can stop cancers BBC news 00:22:44
Bringing up your baby as a vegan BBC news 2018-08-14 23:15:01
Mood Kill: Real life mental health stories inspire new play BBC news 15:48:26
Babies in prams 'exposed to more pollution' BBC news 15:02:53
Mums of quadruplets meet for the very first time BBC news 13:11:35
The radio 'saved my little girl's life' BBC news 07:50:45
Alcohol NI's 'biggest healthcare problem' BBC news 05:42:13
Vaping 'can damage vital immune system cells' BBC news 02:47:31
Essure sterilisation device: Australian women to launch lawsuit BBC news 2018-08-13 08:02:17

Science and nature

New pesticides 'may have risks for bees' BBC news 2018-08-15 17:46:26
Star Trek saga casts new Spock actor Ethan Peck BBC news 14:49:11
Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US BBC news 12:05:30
Footage suggests basking sharks use Scottish seas for courtship BBC news 10:39:55
Hot weather reveals hidden history to archaeologists BBC news 03:44:59
How the humble cabbage can stop cancers BBC news 00:22:44
Study suggests drastic decline in mountain hares BBC news 2018-08-14 17:36:03
Rare Chinese tree's flowers attract visitors to Roath Park BBC news 16:00:36
Next few years 'may be exceptionally warm' BBC news 15:31:54
Being human: Big toe clung on longest to primate origins BBC news 13:35:32


Analysis: Latest Political Influence Campaign on Facebook ‘Most Probably’ Russian 2018-08-16 05:00:23
Uber narrows losses but growth slows BBC news 2018-08-15 21:12:55
Children 'at risk of robot influence' BBC news 18:00:25
Myanmar Rohingya: Facebook 'still hosts hate speech' BBC news 16:36:01
Tesla 'to be probed by regulators' over privatisation plan BBC news 16:32:51
Reddit sleuth helps in hit-and-run case BBC news 12:06:26
Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US BBC news 12:05:30
Wi-fi could be used to detect weapons and bombs BBC news 11:26:09
Virgin Media broadband teams 'left holes in walls' BBC news 11:04:21
Twitter Temporarily Restricts InfoWars’ Alex Jones Account 10:51:33




'Mile 22' loads up brutal action vehicle that misses the mark CNN 2018-08-16 17:04:18
Tributes pour in for 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin CNN 16:28:31
How Aretha Franklin energized two social movements with one hit song CNN 16:26:39
In photos: Aretha Franklin CNN 16:17:02
Matt Groening's 'Disenchantment' can't cast much of a spell CNN 16:10:50
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died CNN 14:55:15
Madonna joins sexy-celebs-in-their-60s club CNN 13:48:30
Madonna turns 60 CNN 13:00:07
Aretha Franklin's former publicist talks about her health CNN 12:58:48
Madonna: Living in vogue CNN 09:06:50

Life and Leisure

10 air shows that will blow your hair back CNN 2018-08-16 15:00:07
You can own Elvis Presley's mobile home CNN 12:00:07
Ten upcoming air shows that will blow your hair back CNN 12:00:07
A Taiwan village where wishes light up the night sky CNN 2018-08-15 18:00:08
Montecito: Insider's guide to the American Riviera CNN 17:00:08
A Vermont insider shares her secrets CNN 16:47:28
Beijing's eerie abandoned Olympic venues CNN 10:00:08
CNN 10:00:08
Los Angeles will be the first US city to install body scanners in the subway CNN 2018-08-14 23:00:07
New Berlin Wall section found in Germany CNN 22:00:07


2 police officers among 4 killed in Canada shooting CNN 2018-08-16 16:00:05
Contaminated food kills at least 9 people at funeral in Peru CNN 13:00:05
Chile's stolen children: American woman finds her Chilean mother 36 years after birth CNN 13:00:05
New prime minister announced in Haiti weeks after deadly protests CNN 11:00:05
Mexico had more homicides in 2017 than previously reported CNN 11:00:05
Venezuela Fast Facts CNN 05:00:05
Experts say full survival rates in air crashes grow more common CNN 05:00:05
Cuba's new draft constitution could pave way for same-sex marriage CNN 05:00:05
At least 317 killed in ongoing protests in Nicaragua, rights group says CNN 03:00:05
Risking their lives to defend their land CNN 03:00:05


Romania protests: Thousands rally against government for second night CNN 2018-08-16 18:00:07
Before and after the Italy bridge collapse CNN 17:00:05
'Thousands' of bridges in Italy may be at risk, experts warn CNN 15:00:06
Sweden: Dozens of cars set on fire in one night CNN 13:00:06
Turkey's Erdogan pledges boycott on US electronics CNN 12:00:06
Boy finds WWII plane with pilot's remains in cockpit CNN 09:00:06
Gibraltar ship stripped of flag amid dispute over migrants stranded at sea CNN 09:00:06
Stranded rescue ship with 141 migrants allowed to dock in Malta CNN 06:08:01
Ultra hot planet has iron and titanium in its atmosphere CNN 06:00:07
Whales get stuck in Icelandic fjord, twice BBC news 2018-08-15 18:28:18


After wreaking havoc in Africa, crop-destroying worm reaches Asia CNN 2018-08-16 14:00:05
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Fast Facts CNN 13:00:06
Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Indian prime minister, dies at 93 CNN 13:00:06
Trump's strategy is failing and the Taliban is winning CNN 13:00:06
This is the rover China will send to the dark side of the moon CNN 09:00:06
Hong Kong independence talk goes ahead amid protests CNN 09:00:06
Kerala floods: Red alert issued as death toll rises in Indian state CNN 08:00:05
Former political rising star in South Korea acquitted of sexual assault CNN 06:00:07
Number of faulty children's vaccines in China surges to over 900,000 CNN 05:00:06
Kim Jong Nam trial: Judge rules women's lawyers must mount defense CNN 05:00:06

Middle East

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Fast Facts CNN 2018-08-16 18:00:07
Iranians vent anger at Trump as the wheels come off their economy CNN 13:00:06
UN chief calls for investigation into Saudi-led strike that killed Yemen children CNN 08:00:05
Kabul attack: Teens targeted, dozens killed in suicide blast CNN 07:40:58
Tzipi Livni Fast Facts CNN 05:00:06
Teens targeted as dozens killed in Kabul suicide attack CNN 03:00:06
Ceasefire reported after more than 24 hours of hostilities between Israel and Hamas CNN 02:00:06
North Korean foreign minister visits Iran CNN 2018-08-15 22:00:11
Egyptian police thwart suicide attack at Christian church CNN 21:00:06
Gilad Shalit Abduction Fast Facts CNN 21:00:06


South Africa's 'paedophile' minister and a mysterious death BBC news 2018-08-15 21:27:41
Victor Moses: Chelsea's Nigeria winger announces international retirement at 27 BBC news 16:39:27
Inside the Jeremy Corbyn wreath row cemetery in Tunisia BBC news 16:13:42
Sudan boat accident: 24 schoolchildren die near River Nile BBC news 15:41:07
Kenneth Omeruo: Chelsea's Nigerian defender joins Leganes on loan BBC news 12:43:15
Wilfried Zaha: Crystal Palace winger signs new five-year deal at Premier League club BBC news 10:24:44
Alex Song: Former Cameroon and Arsenal midfielder moves to Sion BBC news 08:06:35
Alex Song: Former Cameroon and Arsenal midfielder signs for Sion BBC news 08:06:35
Sudanese man 'behind UK terror attack' BBC news 07:27:37
How Daphne Sheldrick changed the fate of elephants worldwide CNN 04:25:22