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Wasteful Northern Ireland draw with Republic of Ireland BBC news 2018-11-15 21:37:45
Federer beats Anderson & reaches ATP Finals last four BBC news 21:33:57
'When you play the bassoon, no-one is going to punch you in the face' - meet the classical musician fighting for a world title BBC news 21:00:11
Wayne Rooney: Former Man Utd striker became 'embarrassed' at Old Trafford BBC news 20:42:58
May stares down Brexit turmoil, vowing to see deal through CNN 20:26:54
Ignore the noise, May could be the only one who gets it CNN 19:18:33
The British PM is defying political reality by plowing ahead. But she may be the only one who understands Brexit reality CNN 19:18:33
Lion Air victim's family files suit against Boeing CNN 19:04:13
May vows to fight for Brexit deal: 'I will see this through' CNN 19:00:06
Ethiopia's PM Abiy Ahmed takes on the military BBC news 19:00:06


Goodbye, old iPhone: This could be 40X better CNN 2018-11-15 17:00:07
The UK is staring down the barrel of a recession if Brexit is botched CNN 16:25:52
Spotify makes a play for the Middle East CNN 15:07:05
Theresa May hit by bombshell resignations over Brexit deal CNN 14:13:51
Ikea's plan to fix the pollution crisis in India's cities CNN 13:07:51
China makes opening bid to the US on trade CNN 12:28:02
Saudi prosecutor seeks death penalty for Khashoggi murder CNN 11:58:18
Scientists confirm massive impact crater beneath Greenland's ice CNN 11:54:34
Even after separation, Bhutanese conjoined twins want to be close CNN 11:50:52
'If we go they will kill us': Rohingya refugees fear repatriation CNN 11:42:00


Deer jumps through couple's window, causes major damage CNN 2018-11-15 20:00:07
Man accused of housing "sex dungeon" CNN 20:00:07
Dream come true for family of terminally-ill grandma CNN 20:00:07
Church's trailer with belongings inside stolen CNN 20:00:07
Man sought in rape of 16-month-old boy CNN 20:00:07
Teen with Down syndrome 'living the dream' CNN 20:00:07
Elderly man confronts car thief in action, nearly crushed CNN 20:00:07
Wedding ring stolen off finger of dying veteran CNN 20:00:07
Commissioner comments spark criticism once again CNN 20:00:07
Teen was sold into sex trafficking -- and escaped CNN 20:00:07


Brexit deal: What do the other parties think of Theresa May's plan? BBC news 2018-11-15 21:56:28
The battle of the Christmas adverts: what's the magic formula? BBC news 20:58:23
Cerith Wyn Evans' glass pipes win £30,000 Hepworth Prize for Sculpture BBC news 20:21:49
Roma pays towards injured Liverpool fan's care BBC news 18:57:29
Enfield care home guilty over 'predatory' resident's sex attacks BBC news 18:32:06
Prince William criticises social media firms BBC news 18:12:52
Brexit: Theresa May quizzed on no-confidence vote BBC news 17:58:54
Brexit: Theresa May answers BBC's Laura Kuenssberg BBC news 17:58:49
Brexit: I am going to see this through, says Theresa May BBC news 17:42:44
Grindr cheat pharmacist 'killed wife with Tesco bag' BBC news 17:30:18



Pound and UK shares hit by Brexit turmoil BBC news 2018-11-15 15:00:46
Brexit: Scottish fishing industry calls for clarity BBC news 14:39:45
Facebook accused of dark PR tactics BBC news 13:49:02
Manchester United revenues slip on fewer home games BBC news 13:45:34
Asda revival continues as sales rise again BBC news 12:46:21
Beyoncé buys out Ivy Park venture from Sir Philip Green BBC news 11:38:35
Pound dives after Brexit resignations BBC news 10:52:12
Pound dives after Brexit secretary's resignation BBC news 09:53:32
Brexit: A guide to where we are BBC news 08:42:52
Royal Mail profits more than halve BBC news 08:33:26



California wildfires: Town of Paradise will need 'total rebuild' BBC news 2018-11-15 04:42:00
Theresa May seeks cabinet backing for Brexit plan BBC news 2018-11-14 19:09:57
Theresa May seeking cabinet backing for Brexit plan BBC news 17:48:46
Flybe up for sale weeks after profit warning BBC news 10:01:58
IMF's Lagarde says central banks could issue digital money BBC news 05:40:32
Brexit: UK and EU 'agree text' of draft withdrawal agreement BBC news 2018-11-13 17:45:08
Brexit: Theresa May calls special cabinet meeting as draft deal agreed BBC news 16:47:06
Brexit: 'Small number of issues' stand in way of deal BBC news 13:39:35
'Cautious optimism' over UK-EU Brexit deal talks BBC news 11:36:47
'Stan Lee is my superhero' BBC news 10:44:44


Lewis Hamilton clarifies India 'poor place' comments CNN 2018-11-15 13:44:50
Snowboarder lands world first CNN 11:55:04
Uber-driving golfer challenges leaders at Australian Open CNN 11:16:00
How do you follow a blockbuster Ryder Cup? CNN 10:59:43
Ironman world champion breaks record and proposes on 'mind-blowing' day CNN 10:42:47
Can legendary F1 name fire again? CNN 2018-11-14 11:28:14
Federer beats Thiem at Tour Finals, rejects claims of preferential treatment CNN 11:06:24
Why NFL trades are on the rise CNN 10:59:38
'No reason' the USA can't win the World Cup CNN 10:40:12
How world chess stars make being smart cool CNN 10:23:57


'No reason' the USA can't win the World Cup CNN 2018-11-14 10:40:12
After blistering start, Solari is handed Real Madrid job CNN 2018-11-13 20:24:22
Premier League appoints first female chief executive CNN 17:27:17
City triumphs in Manchester derby to top EPL CNN 2018-11-11 21:51:58
PSG at center of racism storm CNN 2018-11-09 12:44:26
Oasis and The Stone Roses collide in art and football mash-up CNN 11:19:43
Is Neymar more sinned against than sinning? CNN 2018-11-08 09:47:18
Man Utd score two late goals to beat Juve CNN 2018-11-07 23:10:21
COPA90: The 2018/19 Manchester Derby awaits CNN 17:31:10
'Allez Allez Allez:' Liverpool's European anthem CNN 11:27:54



Should we pay people for donating blood? BBC news 2018-11-15 00:15:34
'I avoid kissing as my peanut allergy could kill me' BBC news 2018-11-14 15:56:23
The beautiful islands that could stop killer diseases BBC news 01:33:53
Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story BBC news 00:10:34
Rachael Bland's husband discusses loss BBC news 2018-11-13 17:21:17
Rachael Bland's husband on how their son has reacted to his mum's death BBC news 17:21:17
'I do my school work from my hospital bed' BBC news 07:58:25
Call for UK ban on 'grotesquely sugary' freakshakes BBC news 01:04:48
A 12-year-old boy with Tourette's Syndrome finds animals stop his tics BBC news 00:13:34
Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer BBC news 2018-11-12 16:02:20

Science and nature

Worries over CO2 emissions from intensifying wildfires BBC news 2018-11-15 12:18:01
Climate change: Worries over CO2 emissions from intensifying wildfires BBC news 12:18:01
'Cut lamb and beef' to fight climate change BBC news 01:22:29
Climate change: Report says 'cut lamb and beef' BBC news 01:22:29
Greenland ice sheet hides huge 'impact crater' BBC news 2018-11-14 20:35:01
Exoplanet discovered around neighbouring star BBC news 18:01:26
'Conservation successes' bring hope for mountain gorilla BBC news 13:12:34
South Pole: Rock 'hotspot' causes ice sheet to sag BBC news 12:31:24
Climate change: Heatwaves 'halve' male insect fertility BBC news 2018-11-13 15:00:39
No 'flushable' wet wipes tested so far pass water industry tests BBC news 12:06:37


SpaceX Is About to Launch More Than 7,000 Internet-Beaming Satellites 2018-11-15 17:44:35
Google's Alphabet gives up on rescue robots BBC news 17:37:29
Prince William criticises social media firms BBC news 17:07:20
Facebook accused of dark PR tactics BBC news 13:49:02
How We Chose the 50 Best Inventions of 2018 13:18:42
Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer' BBC news 12:08:54
Will superfast 5G mobile be worth it? BBC news 00:18:39
MiSafes' child-tracking smartwatches are 'easy to hack' BBC news 00:09:34
How MiSafes watches can be hacked BBC news 00:09:17
Review: Apple’s New iPad Pro Is An Incredible Tablet With One Major Shortcoming 2018-11-14 22:14:06




'Fantastic Beasts' plunges deeper into pre-Harry Potter world CNN 2018-11-15 20:36:08
Cerith Wyn Evans' glass pipes win £30,000 Hepworth Prize for Sculpture BBC news 20:21:49
People can't stop listening to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' CNN 19:27:05
Roy Clark, 'Hee Haw' host, dies at 85 CNN 18:35:11
Kanye West's karaoke partner will surprise you CNN 17:14:30
Stormzy to headline Glastonbury Festival 2019 BBC news 16:55:19
Meet the entire live-action 'Dumbo' cast in new trailer CNN 16:20:56
Lost Disney 'Oswald' film found in Japan BBC news 16:16:08
Taylor Swift, Adele and other smuggled celebrities BBC news 15:55:27
Jessie J tells crowd she is unable to have children CNN 15:24:01

Life and Leisure

Why some women won't eat out alone CNN 2018-11-15 16:01:15
Rome issues new laws to tackle unruly tourism CNN 14:00:09
Monument or mirage? Hand rises from the desert CNN 14:00:09
Morocco gets Africa's first high-speed train CNN 13:00:09
World's 'most excellent' airline revealed CNN 13:00:09
UAE's lavish gold-covered palace hotel CNN 05:00:07
New Zealand now asking visitors to sign pledge CNN 01:00:07
Is the 'Big Melon' Australia's next biggest tourist attraction? CNN 2018-11-14 18:00:06
CNN 16:00:09
This London hotel suite will cost you $14M CNN 14:00:07


Migrant caravan presses north toward US border CNN 2018-11-15 22:00:08
They're steps away from the US border. But crossing it legally could take weeks CNN 21:00:08
Why is Canada running out of marijuana? BBC news 20:56:18
California wildfires: Is smoke toxic to the East Coast? BBC news 20:44:04
Mexico walks political tightrope over migrants moving north CNN 20:00:07
California wildfires: Survivors share stories of heroic rescues BBC news 19:13:51
2,550 US citizens sought asylum in Canada in 2017 CNN 19:00:06
California wildfires: Is smoke the most dangerous side-effect? BBC news 17:42:15
Why this mom was hanging on a ladder under a bridge CNN 17:00:07
Magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Canada CNN 17:00:07


France grounds Ryanair plane with 149 on board over long-running subsidies dispute CNN 2018-11-15 20:00:07
Brexit: EU leaders dismiss talk of renegotiating draft agreement BBC news 18:35:04
Brexit: BBC correspondents on the draft deal BBC news 17:25:19
Nikola Gruevski: Mystery over how Macedonia ex-PM escaped BBC news 17:17:32
Ceremonies mark 100 years since end of WWI CNN 17:00:07
Merkel slams resurgence of anti-Semitism, 80 years after Kristallnacht CNN 17:00:07
Brexit deal in crisis: Latest updates CNN 16:00:07
'Phallic' owl statue mocked in Serbian town of Kikinda BBC news 15:25:04
Georges Tron: France ex-minister cleared of rape by court BBC news 15:10:35
Pound and UK shares hit by Brexit turmoil BBC news 15:00:46


Lion Air victim's family files suit against Boeing CNN 2018-11-15 20:00:07
Beijing lashes out after diplomats call for Uyghur crackdown explanation CNN 15:00:08
Beijing lashes out after diplomats seek explanation for Uyghur crackdown CNN 14:25:09
Communist Party cracks down on China's famous Peking University CNN 11:00:06
'Cultural genocide': Uyghurs say Beijing is erasing them CNN 07:12:07
'If we go they will kill us': Rohingya refugees fear repatriation to Myanmar CNN 06:00:06
Cheating scandal erupts as South Korean students face their toughest test CNN 03:00:06
'Cultural genocide': How China is tearing Uyghur families apart in Xinjiang CNN 02:00:06
Lion Air joins US pilots in claiming Boeing withheld info on plane model that crashed CNN 2018-11-14 19:13:31
Lion Air, US pilots say Boeing withheld info on plane model that crashed CNN 18:00:06

Middle East

Netanyahu faces coalition crisis as key ministers resign CNN 2018-11-15 22:00:08
Suitcases of $15M in cash from Qatar bring relief for Gaza CNN 22:00:08
Biggest Israel-Gaza firefight since 2014 ends in ceasefire CNN 20:00:07
Erdogan: Audio recording of Khashoggi killing is a 'true disaster' CNN 17:00:07
Mourners grieve Coptic Christians killed in Egypt CNN 17:00:07
Iran's president vows to defy Trump sanctions CNN 17:00:07
Saudi women in 'inside-out abaya' protest BBC news 16:53:29
Saudis seek death penalty for five in Khashoggi killing CNN 14:25:28
Yemen is in freefall and half of its population is at risk of famine CNN 14:00:08
Jamal Khashoggi murder ordered by agent - Saudi prosecutor BBC news 13:41:26


Emmanuel Igunza: Ethiopia's PM takes on the military BBC news 2018-11-15 19:00:06
Malawi nurse suspended over selfie in labor ward CNN 18:17:44
Mauritania on the verge of historic Afcon qualification BBC news 17:45:06
Bayern teenager Evina inspired by Eto'o BBC news 15:58:35
Denmark withholds nearly $10 million in aid money to Tanzania CNN 15:29:19
Controversial South Africa land reform looms after key hurdle is cleared CNN 14:52:07
Ethiopia arrests former deputy spy chief Yared Zerihun BBC news 14:35:47
Falz: 'Entertainment is becoming one of our biggest exports' CNN 14:22:33
Aubameyang and Brahimi latest names to pull out of Afcon qualifiers BBC news 13:50:10
Namibia withdraw from U-23 qualifiers for financial reasons BBC news 11:48:22