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Iraq takes disputed areas as Kurds 'withdraw to 2014 lines' BBC news 2017-10-18 10:02:01
Iraqi forces retake Kurdish-held areas in Nineveh province BBC news 07:53:46
Inside Raqqa after IS was pushed out BBC news 03:19:22
Inside Raqqa after IS pushed out BBC news 03:19:22
No, Islamic State group has not been defeated BBC news 2017-10-17 23:46:40
War within a war BBC news 17:26:53
Visit CNN Arabic CNN 17:00:07
IS: The full story BBC news 15:49:45
US-backed forces say 'major military operation' is over CNN 14:43:15
US appeals for calm as allies clash in Iraq CNN 13:19:24
Syria war: US-backed forces 'fully control' Raqqa BBC news 11:43:29
Raqqa: IS 'capital' falls to US-backed Syrian forces BBC news 11:43:29
Kirkuk: Iraqi forces seize largest oilfields near city BBC news 11:12:41
Kirkuk: Iraqi forces seize largest oil fields near disputed city BBC news 10:43:44
US urges calm as Kirkuk crisis escalates BBC news 03:50:53
Look what you can buy in Mosul now CNN 01:57:51
Iraq ousted ISIS, but 'Mosul can never be the same again' CNN 00:54:07
Syria war: US-backed forces 'control' Raqqa BBC news 2017-10-16 23:39:49
Ancient Roman theater unearthed CNN 16:08:29
Iraqi forces enter Kirkuk as Kurds flee BBC news 15:59:08
Kirkuk: Iraqi government forces enter disputed city BBC news 14:46:49
Cairo 'most dangerous' megacity for women - survey BBC news 14:13:31
Iraqi forces seize territory outside Kirkuk from Kurds BBC news 12:25:08
Tensions escalate as Iraqi forces near Kirkuk CNN 11:37:10
Kirkuk: Iraqi forces capture key sites from Kurds BBC news 10:52:13
US President infuriates Iranians across political spectrum CNN 10:20:14
Kirkuk: Clashes reported after Iraqi forces advance on Kurdish-held sites BBC news 04:07:59
Kirkuk: Iraqi forces advance on Kurdish-held sites BBC news 01:57:08
85% of Raqqa retaken from ISIS CNN 01:21:25
Iraqi Turkmen woman recalls horrors of IS captivity BBC news 2017-10-15 23:52:30
Dying one by one BBC news 23:52:30
New Palestinian agreement could end a decade of misrule CNN 23:04:23
Visit CNN Arabic CNN 16:00:06
Iraq conflict: Kurdish leaders refuse to reject referendum result BBC news 14:54:19
Interactive: Hunting ISIS from 70,000ft CNN 14:00:06
US Open: Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb win titles on same day BBC news 13:54:53
Syria war: 'Final assault' launched to recapture Raqqa BBC news 11:46:41
Saudi Aramco said its flotation remains on track for 2018 BBC news 10:25:37
Iraq conflict: Peshmerga 'deadline to leave Kirkuk' passes BBC news 03:09:31
Training day BBC news 2017-10-14 23:43:19
The US air wars against ISIS CNN 20:00:06
Coalition retakes 85% of Raqqa from ISIS fighters CNN 17:15:00
Syria war: Raqqa deal agreed to evacuate civilians BBC news 14:15:19
Iraq conflict: Kurdish Peshmerga 'given deadline' in Kirkuk BBC news 13:24:11
US allies in Europe back Iran deal CNN 12:22:31
Iran nuclear deal: Global powers stand by pact despite Trump threat BBC news 10:38:59
Syria war: Alliance poised for new assault on Raqqa BBC news 09:47:35
Critics see major risks in Trump's Iran move CNN 2017-10-13 23:32:20
Indignation in Tehran as Trump disavows nuclear deal CNN 21:59:02
Indignation in Tehran CNN 21:59:02