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IS conflict: Iraqi force 'retakes ancient city of Hatra' BBC news 2017-04-26 18:30:54
Erdogan shuns West with Syria strikes CNN 17:45:10
Visit CNN Arabic CNN 17:00:07
Erdogan shuns West with strikes on US allies and mass detentions CNN 11:38:39
Bride of ISIS: From 'happily ever after' to hell CNN 11:32:21
Syrian government made Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun, France says BBC news 10:52:35
Trump's first 100 days on global stage CNN 10:31:17
Body parts for cash BBC news 2017-04-25 20:59:20
Saudi's election to UN women's commission draws ire CNN 20:47:46
Turkey air strikes on Kurds in Syria and Iraq spark US concern BBC news 19:43:27
Yemen crisis: Donors pledge $1.1bn in aid BBC news 17:16:43
Visions of France BBC news 17:02:26
Activists demand end to controversial rape laws CNN 16:00:19
Israel's Netanyahu scraps talks with German minister over rights groups BBC news 15:27:33
Turkey air strikes kill Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq BBC news 15:01:40
Satellite captures rare snapshot of life in ISIS-held Raqqa CNN 08:57:45
Satellite images give rare glimpse into Syria CNN 08:57:45
'500kg' Egyptian woman's sister accuses Indian doctors of lying BBC news 07:51:21
The volunteers helping ambulances to get to Syria BBC news 05:32:11
Yemen aid summit seeks to pull nation from brink BBC news 05:31:08
Syria refugee children 'bitten by rats' in camps BBC news 2017-04-24 23:47:50
JCC bomb threat suspect 'tried to extort US state senator' CNN 20:05:04
JCC bomb threat suspect 'tried to extort senator' CNN 20:05:04
US imposes 'sweeping' Syria sanctions over 'chemical' attack BBC news 19:33:05
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe loses final Iran jail appeal BBC news 16:10:26
US-Israeli man, 18, in court over threats against Jewish centres BBC news 16:08:25
Visit CNN Arabic CNN 16:00:07
Article 308: Jordan to scrap marriage loophole for rapists BBC news 14:52:47
Saudi reverses pay cuts for state workers CNN 14:30:37
Why this tower is so controversial CNN 12:59:56
Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists BBC news 10:16:50
Missing million BBC news 2017-04-23 23:01:31
6 Israelis charged with hate crimes CNN 20:36:07
Italy migrant crisis: Charities 'colluding' with smugglers BBC news 15:58:13
Megrahi family seeks Lockerbie appeal BBC news 10:44:34
Saudi Arabia's King Salman reverses public sector pay cuts BBC news 06:39:53
Opinion: Trump's failure to justify his use of force CNN 01:34:27
Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest BBC news 2017-04-22 18:17:28
Visit CNN Arabic CNN 16:00:05
Turning point BBC news 2017-04-21 23:20:43
Kidnapped Qatari hunting party of 26 freed in Iraq after 16 months BBC news 20:49:17
Syria war: US ground troops kill 'leading IS member' BBC news 20:40:03
Too scared to use refugee camp toilet BBC news 17:18:11
ISIS leader associate linked to Istanbul nightclub strike killed CNN 16:47:19
US forces kill associate of ISIS leader CNN 16:47:19
Trump welcomes freed US-Egypt prisoner Aya Hijazi to White House BBC news 16:11:08
Six-man race BBC news 15:27:26
Egyptian soldiers accused of killing unarmed Sinai men in leaked video BBC news 15:15:12
Qatari royals among 26 hostages released in Iraq CNN 14:51:47
Kidnapped Qatari hunting party of 26 'freed in Iraq' BBC news 14:17:25