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Bar can no longer serve alcohol after repeated violence CNN 2019-02-03 21:00:06
Free flights Super Bowl Sunday for "Pat" fans CNN 21:00:06
PD: Man runs over kid while trying to hit adult CNN 21:00:06
Man arrested for Saturday night stabbing CNN 21:00:06
Six rescued after falling into freezing lake CNN 21:00:06
Charges dropped in rape case with 3-yo victim CNN 21:00:06
Man arrested for domestic violence and arson CNN 21:00:06
Mom sues school after daughter jumps from window CNN 21:00:06
Officers honored for lifting car off woman CNN 21:00:06
Day care worker charged with child abuse CNN 21:00:06
State Patrol seizes 189 pounds of marijuana CNN 21:00:06
Baby born at homeless shelter CNN 21:00:06
College student speaks out after alleged sexual assault CNN 21:00:06
Mother charged in dead of 2-week-old baby CNN 21:00:06
Father charged with conspiracy to sell cocaine CNN 21:00:06
Students dance to help pediatric cancer patients CNN 21:00:06
1 deputy dead, 1 injured in Ohio police standoff CNN 17:23:16
State of the Cartoonion: Trump's red mystery button CNN 16:33:43
Trump says use of military force in Venezuela is still on the table CNN 16:29:13
Sen. Shelby: Politicizing intelligence is 'troubling' CNN 16:03:12
Inmates without power at New York federal prison shivering in their cells for days CNN 14:06:48
The capitalist socialist populist manifesto of Democrats in 2020 CNN 13:22:20
Here's how 2020 Democrats announced their campaigns CNN 13:10:43
Greed is making a serious comeback on Wall Street CNN 12:22:06
Car crash kills 5 children, injures 2 adults CNN 07:56:33
Driver crashes into CVS, rams police car CNN 03:00:07
'El Chapo' Guzman accused in court documents of having sex with young girls CNN 02:07:59
'All alone' no more: Trump returns to Mar-a-Lago CNN 00:38:50
Students design Tom Brady portrait using Rubik's Cubes CNN 2019-02-02 23:00:07
Community saves Petal the elephant sculpture CNN 23:00:07
VO: Woman pulls out her hair, puts it on her food CNN 23:00:07
'He took my heart away from me,' woman says CNN 23:00:07
PD: Missing teen found with registered sex offender CNN 23:00:07
Man allegedly stole land from dead people CNN 23:00:07
Cold causing possible frost quakes CNN 23:00:07
Frigid weather perfect for Ice Festival CNN 23:00:07
Woman finds hook inside tampon CNN 23:00:07
Officers removed from school after stun gun used on student CNN 23:00:07
20-year-old dead after explosion levels home CNN 23:00:07
PD: Man, woman sold drugs with baby in back seat CNN 23:00:07
PD: Man shot, killed innocent bystander during fight CNN 23:00:07
Mother believes opossum bit son, police investigate CNN 23:00:07
Parents of Timothy Piazza settle with Penn State, sue fraternity members CNN 22:41:09
Confusion and delays at Orlando airport after TSA agent falls to his death CNN 19:49:38
The moment of truth for Sears CNN 17:00:09
This week could decide if Sears lives or dies CNN 17:00:09
Chicago family in frozen neighborhood leaves notes offering help and friendship CNN 14:59:18
These acts of kindness warmed hearts during the deep freeze in the Midwest CNN 14:33:01
A Hawaiian Airlines flight headed to Maui returned to LAX three times over unrelated issues CNN 12:37:19
Shelter worker sentenced to 19 years in prison for sexually abusing migrant boys CNN 12:13:29