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Seattle slips and slides through unusually heavy snowfall CNN 2019-02-04 23:56:32
Man loses $2,600 bet on Super Bowl coin toss CNN 23:00:09
Mechanics take man's Mustang out for wild joyride CNN 23:00:09
Smoke in cockpit forces flight to return to Miami CNN 23:00:09
Accused drunk driver charged with killing brother CNN 23:00:09
Employee shot in face, buttocks outside hospital CNN 23:00:09
Mother & daughter lose 120 lbs to save their lives CNN 23:00:09
Slime in ice machines at some O'Hare restaurants CNN 23:00:09
City to search for mass graves from race massacre CNN 23:00:09
PD: Lyft driver uses rider's bathroom, assaults her CNN 23:00:09
US-South Korea reach agreement over cost of US troops in region CNN 22:53:01
Early Facebook investor blasts company in new book 'Zucked' CNN 22:40:19
Intense competition for 2020 talent ramps up in South Carolina CNN 21:25:46
UN pick Heather Nauert hosted panel on Sharia law conspiracies in 2009 Fox News webcast CNN 21:10:26
Hawaii is considering a bill that bans cigarette sales to anyone under 100 CNN 20:55:24
This week could decide if Sears lives or dies CNN 20:32:50
State seeks death penalty in deputy's death CNN 20:00:14
Student speaks out after alleged sexual assault CNN 20:00:14
Boy rescued from the woods meets deputies who searched for him CNN 20:00:13
Dozens of animals die in fire at wildlife sanctuary CNN 20:00:13
Man charged with abusing 3-yo he was babysitting CNN 20:00:13
Man holds burglary suspects at gunpoint CNN 20:00:13
2 accused of assaulting teacher sentenced CNN 20:00:13
Homeless man creates coloring books with lessons for everyone CNN 20:00:13
Illegal shooting of bald eagle under investigation CNN 20:00:13
Patient overpowers medics, steals ambulance CNN 20:00:13
60 arrested in multi-agency operation led by police CNN 20:00:13
Lawsuit says prison violated inmates' 6th Amendment rights during power outage CNN 19:56:24
Slack confidentially files to go public CNN 19:33:17
Lieberman: Northam shouldn't be rushed out of office CNN 16:50:34
Patriots squash the NFL's next big thing in the Super Bowl CNN 16:00:06
Former Bond King Bill Gross is retiring CNN 15:58:47
Power restored at detention center where inmates sate in the cold CNN 15:25:33
College student hit by texting driver on campus CNN 15:00:05
CNN Poll: 4 in 10 call this the worst governing of their lifetimes CNN 14:21:57
College student is the second killed by the deep freeze CNN 13:22:53
6 things to know before the opening bell CNN 10:41:15
5 people dead, 3 injured after plane crashes into house CNN 07:43:46
Toddler hit by car seriously injured CNN 02:00:07
Bar can no longer serve alcohol after repeated violence CNN 2019-02-03 21:00:06
Free flights Super Bowl Sunday for "Pat" fans CNN 21:00:06
PD: Man runs over kid while trying to hit adult CNN 21:00:06
Man arrested for Saturday night stabbing CNN 21:00:06
Six rescued after falling into freezing lake CNN 21:00:06
Charges dropped in rape case with 3-yo victim CNN 21:00:06
Man arrested for domestic violence and arson CNN 21:00:06
Mom sues school after daughter jumps from window CNN 21:00:06
Officers honored for lifting car off woman CNN 21:00:06
Day care worker charged with child abuse CNN 21:00:06
State Patrol seizes 189 pounds of marijuana CNN 21:00:06