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Michelle Carter is going to jail nearly five years after she convinced her boyfriend via text to kill himself CNN 2019-02-11 22:59:36
Kamala Harris supported 2008 San Francisco policy that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE CNN 22:20:55
Harris supported 2008 San Francisco policy that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE CNN 22:20:55
19-yo without lower arm creates Lego prosthetic CNN 22:00:07
Mom charged with murder of son 33 years later CNN 22:00:07
Man's ex-girlfriend arrested in home invasion CNN 22:00:07
Police recruit first canine officer CNN 22:00:07
Police seek robber for $1 million jewelry heist CNN 22:00:07
More weed packages shipped after legalization CNN 22:00:07
2 eagles, 12 years, 1 love story CNN 22:00:07
Fact checking Trump's snowstorm tweet CNN 21:37:30
Bob Costas and NBC broke up over concussion remarks CNN 20:53:28
Amy Klobuchar's not-so-subtle troll of Hillary Clinton CNN 19:30:21
380 Southern Baptist leaders and volunteers accused of sexual misconduct CNN 19:24:43
Toys 'R' Us wants to return to the United States CNN 19:22:59
Sheriff's deputy charged with smuggling heroin into jail CNN 19:00:08
Man accused of stabbing pet dog CNN 19:00:08
Couple pleads guilty to drowning death of 3-yo CNN 19:00:08
Officials discover underground weed operation CNN 19:00:08
Man assaults son with knife CNN 19:00:08
Waitress sends note to local police after officer's death CNN 19:00:08
Injured Vet uses new chair to help plow roads CNN 19:00:08
Strangers at truck stop help save life of driver CNN 19:00:08
Abandoned home used for homeless with addiction CNN 19:00:08
10-yo national ambassador for heart program CNN 19:00:08
Town honors an African-American WWII veteran blinded in a 1946 police beating CNN 18:48:27
A winter storm in Hawaii has produced strong winds, high surf, and yes, even snow CNN 17:27:06
How to prove you have management potential CNN 16:22:21
Morgan Stanley makes its biggest purchase since financial crisis CNN 16:00:08
Tesla isn't running out of cash after all, analyst says CNN 15:01:16
Family burns down home where teens were killed CNN 15:01:16
6 things to know before the bell CNN 10:36:14
Snow days cause child care issues for parents CNN 07:00:07
Police chief teaches suicide prevention class CNN 02:00:05
Denver is so expensive that teachers have to get creative to make ends meet CNN 2019-02-10 23:07:24
A disbarred Georgia attorney is on the run after allegedly killing his mother CNN 22:45:23
'50 Shades of Maple Glen' lists a suburban house with something extra CNN 22:05:06
Can love and unity beat Trump in 2020? Cory Booker wants to find out CNN 21:24:34
Rally being held against billboard promoting marijuana CNN 20:00:07
Cab driver saves elderly woman from scam CNN 20:00:07
Community helps homeless family of 7 CNN 20:00:07
PD: Young girls attack woman on subway platform CNN 20:00:07
Warrant for man accused of fatal drug delivery CNN 20:00:07
Bag of guns thrown from car during police chase CNN 20:00:07
Search for men who stole car with baby inside CNN 20:00:07
2 shot; suspects caught at airport CNN 20:00:07
Service dog comforts patients at the dentist CNN 20:00:07
Images of black face found in old UMD yearbooks CNN 20:00:07
Military dad reunited with family at hockey game CNN 20:00:07
Dog picked up by eagle, woman warns others CNN 20:00:07